"My heartbeat rate will increase when I see the members shaving. The action of raising the chin has the manly feeling." - Choi Minho

March 20 2013, 06:33 PM

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'Key tells Minho to cut down on the cool act'

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1. [+115, -4] It’s undeniable that he’s handsome but there really is a sense of awkwardness that comes out of his image… When he’s rapping or acting.. I think that’s what Key was trying to say.

More interesting comments under here. Don’t click if you’re easily butthurt.

oh, so it wasn’t just me! I’m new to Shinee and I love the group, but I really don’t enjoy Minho’s rapping. He reminds me of that poor male idol in a group that has been “forced” into the rapper role, because he can’t sing as well as the others/or at all - because we all know that rap doesn’t acquire some vocal talent or musicianship -_- (yes, that last part was sarcasm)
I’m not saying it’s true in Shinee’s case, but just my two cents

Wow, I didn’t know anyone else saw it like this too. How I’ve seen Minho’s deal for a long time.


Being a super try-hard has nothing to do with working hard though. It has more to do with lacking confidence in his true personality.

Oh… my… goodness… THEY HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD. WUT. Most perfect thing…



it’s funny cause recently Key mentioned that him and Jonghyun laugh at bad replies from netizens but Minho really takes it to the heart and gets sad when he reads bad replies oh boy someone’s going to be depressed in the dorms tonight … Minho ya himnae lol

MINHO. NO. FOR REAL. You are the biggest little baby who needs protection from the internet, obviously. Minho probably curls up under blankets and plays phone games while he hides his tears.

He is know as the biggest sulker…


They wrote about others too, there were articles about Onew and Taem as well(idk about Jjong). But this probably got the most replied because Minho is one of K-netizens’ favorite punching bag.

He is? Ah, I’m not surprised. 


So all in all, this told me nothing new about Minho, it just seems others see it more often now too. 

Am I suprised by any of this? No. 

Am I butthurt by this cause ‘how dare they oppa is perfect!1!!’? No.

Minho’s human flaws drug out in the open again. At least people are understanding ’flaming charisma’ =/= Choi Minho.

To end on a happy note~.

lol, I used to think that he is like that but I think he changed lately. You guys should watch SHINee’s Wonderful Day. I never thought in my life there will be times when I say Minho is cute, but minho. is. so. cute. in the show, really.

He really is. He’s cute outside of the show too.


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